The Foundations of Women in Worship Ministries

Women in Worship Ministries was founded in the belief that women's ministry is different; in that it is experential, spiritual, spontaneous and dynamic.  Over the past few years, women who attend express a "need" to take this time for the Conference as "their own."  This is serious conference going at its very best!  Everyone seems to leave the conference with their "cup running over"!


For approximately, ten years, and held in a bienniel format, (every other year), the Women In Worship Ministries Exective Board members spent time for 18 or more months in preparation; from the selection of a theme to selecting featured speakers, workshop leaders, vendors and musicians.  These events were held and appreciated throughout the community with great enthusiasm.


Over the years, during a reorganization, Women In Worship Ministries, Inc. changed focus when a Honors Program was created in 2014 entitled "EXCEL" Honors to highlight the accomplishments of women at the national, regional and local levels.  In 2015, 10 younger girls, college age and high school age students were added to the Honors Program entitled, "GEN (Generation) NEXT" for their accomplishments in school, community and Christian activities.  In the future, Women In Worship Ministries, Inc. will continue the Honors Program and partner with various organizations in community service projects that focus on women and girls' issues, concerns, and Kingdom-building.


To be involved, send us a note on the "CONTACT US" page and tell us how you want to participate or a specific skill or ability that you wish to share!


Find out more about Women in Worship Ministries staff at "Our People".